Target Of A Drive By Claps Back! Report

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3428 Videos . Published on Aug 08, 2019

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realhated 3 months ago


cullenatyg 3 months ago

he a real one iv done the same.

suckyducky 3 months ago

Oh they gansta

benevoletracist 3 months ago

This used to be a nice neighborhood till the blacks moved in.

hydratedh2o 3 months ago

look like the driveby folks was doing all the clapping, he just looked like an idiot out there that far away with a pistol, fags can't hit a stationary target at 15 feet, i'm supposed to believe you muthafuckin magnum PI out this bitch now? fuck outa here, they felt you was puss enough to light your shit up once. they'll definitely be back. and it looked like a decent neighborhood. fuckers move in with their bullshit and it goes to shit!

sirsmokesalot 3 months ago

No he shoot at them. I did not see one clapping motion at all.