Trick Smashing Detroit Hoe With A Grocery Bag Report

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9548 Videos . Published on Dec 17, 2019

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whysosadman 8 months ago

She looks really young, and doesn't seem much like a hooker, I want to see evidence that she's not some poor mentally disabled relative of this guy. I know hookers and this isn't how they carry themselves.

penutt 8 months ago

He bagged that pussi!

bigdawg 8 months ago

she a little too cute for this shit, gotta be one of those weird porn vids

hanson 7 months ago

Sad that he couldnt even take her to a hotel or buy condoms.

wolf87 8 months ago

I've seen it all now...

manmadddd 8 months ago

When that high school sweetheart turned u down but she then ends up like this

deuce2421 8 months ago

Shorty sucked it with on bag though..She not smart, but she not stupid

bigdudustain 8 months ago

You fucking the bag idiot

normalthom 8 months ago

That's sad but funny!! Using a grocery bag that's laying on the floor of a crack house!!

ttttrrruuu 8 months ago

he should of just went in raw

jayewho 8 months ago

Both of them nasty as fuck. Her more so than him. I bet that pussy rank.

beserious90 7 months ago

More so her? How? They're both nasty as fuck.

loginusername111 8 months ago

She sucked the mf with the bag on hahahaha

yeahcookie 3 months ago

😢 cry Poor girl you can tell somebody gave her some type of drug she looked very paranoid

funkyone29 8 months ago

Yea im pretty sure that worked smh

penutt 8 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

raa187 7 months ago

And Im sure when camera was off he went raw cat

armchaircriticsf 5 months ago


fatman420 8 months ago

She has potential wtf come to Miami n make some money baby