Hispanic Girl With A Black Daughter Goes On A Rant About Black Lives Don't Matter


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By: yrnnick   Channel : Racism  

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Info : Published on Jul 02, 2020

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hdeleones 4 months ago

She's right about most of the things. Black is just like any other race there's good and bad . Idk why they are playing the victim among all the races. You are going to tell me some black folks are not racist...

wakanda77 4 months ago

I really wish you assholes with this “playing the victim” bullshit would actually read and research instead of regurgitating that bullshit school and Fox News has been teachIng you. This system, since 1865, has be deliberately designed to F**k over black people. Other races of color got caught in the same crossfire. Read on the Tulsa Oklahoma riots and bring that up to the Sh*t happening now.

gqsmooth86 4 months ago

Mami told it like it is. Mami told it how it is. No cap. Straight facts

greater20 4 months ago

She's absolutely right. Those blackies are really stupid

person 4 months ago

She right tho [no hate please]

wakanda77 4 months ago

No hate? She’s racist and bitter because that coon she had a baby with dipped on her. F**k her and you too if you stand with her.