Summer Walker Really Just Decided To Walked Off Stage In The Middle Of Her Performance Report

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4966 Videos . Published on Nov 30, 2019

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benevoletracist 7 months ago

t least she didn't cuss the audience out and walk off stage like Wanda Sykes did in Boston. Even saunch democrats in Kennedy country can't stand a mouthy lezbo. No refunds, Wanda took the money and left town.

kingreemis 7 months ago

Oh shut the F**k up.

teddylee 7 months ago

Hopefully they don't make her snap

snappy77 7 months ago

wow bogus

nice 7 months ago

First off all you know these N***a hoes did not pay a thousand dollar. And its typical for the N***a race to scam all you dumb N****s to pay to see there concerts.