Summer Walker Really Just Decided To Walked Off Stage In The Middle Of Her Performance Report

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2546 Videos . Published on Nov 30, 2019

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benevoletracist 15 days ago

t least she didn't cuss the audience out and walk off stage like Wanda Sykes did in Boston. Even saunch democrats in Kennedy country can't stand a mouthy lezbo. No refunds, Wanda took the money and left town.

kingreemis 15 days ago

Oh shut the fuck up.

teddylee 15 days ago

Hopefully they don't make her snap

snappy77 14 days ago

wow bogus

nice 15 days ago

First off all you know these nigga hoes did not pay a thousand dollar. And it’s typical for the nigga race to scam all you dumb niggas to pay to see there concerts.