Gang Members Trick A Rival, Pretend To Be From The Same Gang, Brutally Kill Him Later That Night


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By: Rog

Channel : Gore  
Info : Published on Oct 22, 2019

Tags : murder,

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jrmint 11 months ago

All this tells me is to stay my black ass out of Mexico

demon0007 3 months ago

This is Brazil

eyeswatching1 11 months ago

Cartel don't play

vici0us 11 months ago

Brazilian gang i think.

goomba 11 months ago

Disgusting individuals

aryehm 11 months ago

That's the life he chose to live

vici0us 11 months ago

Shit happen's and that's what gangs do

zodd 11 months ago

bootlegyourmom you Mexicans are devils.

demon0007 3 months ago

This was in Brazil

slickrick00 11 months ago

gang bangers are LOW IQ feral sub human animals. kill on site.

eazye03 11 months ago

Aye..... You sign up for this gang life.... Nobody just get's killed for no reason, usually.

killerklown19 11 months ago

Fucked up!

krmart33 1 month ago

Keep white asses out too

lilgeorge 11 months ago

Gang shit

danilo557 11 months ago

All you fucks talking about mexicans...there not even mexicans idiots....but mexican style killing tho ????

money123 11 months ago

Gucci gang Gucci gang

dvd2020 11 months ago

Evil bitches

ouidapat 9 months ago

poor bastard

normalthom 11 months ago

They sure wasted a lot of bullets. I'm pretty sure he was dead after the first 5 or 6 shots.

jeff 11 months ago