Gbi Arrests Man Who Filmed Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing For Felony Murder Report

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4823 Videos . Published on May 22, 2020

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marcush2784 9 days ago

So how can you be a thief if you dont steel?

bigjay 9 days ago

Several facts here. 1. whether he was a thief or not, he deserved to not get shot. 2. He was no jogger. 3. The McMicheals should not have armed themselves and tracked him down. 4. The camera man helped box him in. 5. Arbery was running from a house he knew he wasn't supposed to enter, 6. Arbery seen them gearing up to get him when he left the house and decided to run as fast as he can. I hope the 3 get the max sentence even though the media lies about Arbery and he wasn't this fucking angel his family portrays him to be, he still deserved to walk with his life.

greater20 9 days ago

Release those gentlemen. They are heroes. Arbery was a thief.

rdavis67 9 days ago

not sure why he was arrested however i will let the trial play out before i formulate a opinion. But you dont shoot someone over a suspected burglary. let the pigs do the job

bigjay 9 days ago

They are far from hero's. No matter how many vids they find on Arbery, he still deserved to walk with his life that day. He was arrested because he helped box them in. He participated and was directly involved.

leanwitblackice 9 days ago

im glad he filmed though because they would have got away with it