Man Beat The Brakes Off A Police Officer In Louisiana Report

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8592 Videos . Published on Jun 27, 2020

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greenrod 9 days ago

This is why honkies need guns because they are weak as a P***y cat

tootboots 7 days ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

roscoe35 8 days ago

Ok great you keep believing that. HAHAHAHAHA

roscoe35 9 days ago


coreyboi69 9 days ago

He woulda beat your weak Azz the same way. Fragile Azz pink men.

thehazeofourlives 9 days ago

Your mother is sucking a BBC as you type silly pink fuckboy.

sephirothson 9 days ago

roscoe35 can not wait till someone exposes your address. and see if you talking then

roscoe35 8 days ago

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tootboots 7 days ago

I love seeing police officers get beat, especially the White ones! Shouldn't be a cop if you can't fight 🤷🏽‍♀️. Occupational hazard 😂.

roscoe35 8 days ago

Hey Stacy cunt. When you going to give me that 5 dollar blow job special? Yea I want early morning because its only worth 5 dollars.v HAHAHAHAHAHAA

db135i 8 days ago

roscoe suppresses his feelings about black people in public because he is smart

roscoe35 5 days ago

I don't have blacks where I live I especially don't have rednecks or niggrs.

db135i 8 days ago

Roscoe I bet u some fat kid sitting at home ready to shoot up your school when it starts back

db135i 8 days ago

roscoe uses comic book gunfire in all his comments

greentime30 9 days ago

Rocked that boy

roscoe35 8 days ago

Look at all the stupid Nigggggers rooting for the N****r in the video. Next time you get stopped by police you will more than likely end up dead. Never learned a thing in life is why you are all dead. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaT TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. See I TOLD YOU SO!. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA

scooby 9 days ago

Roscoe getting his as s kicked by the people he always talking Sh*t about.

db135i 8 days ago

roscoe plays call of duty and pretends like the people he shoot r all black

db135i 8 days ago

The only guns roscoe shoots are the ones he earns on call of duty and fortnite

db135i 8 days ago

have a good one roscoe I'll share more later because I know u won't b able to help yourself

johndoemofo 6 days ago

N****r is now doing 15 years in state prison.