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Puppy Surprise Leaves Girl In Tears

Mar 20, 2017

Info :

This adorable ‘spur of the moment’ puppy surprise leaves a dog-loving girl absolutely speechless, as she struggles to come to terms with the new addition to her family.

Hiding behind her hands in anticipation, Alexa Cavalea is about to be given the surprise of a life-time by her partner Harry Kendall, as a fluffy bundle of joy awaits her gaze.

Peering through the cracks in her fingers, the hands clasped over her eyes soon move to cover her mouth, as the pup-enthusiast enters a state of utter shock upon seeing a baby golden retriever before her.

With tears streaming down her face, Alexa begins to hyperventilate, failing to muster even a single audible word as she wheezes and cries at the thought of this new cuddly companion being hers.