Manhattan Woman Calls 911, Blocks Black Father With Kids To Enter Building To See Aunt


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By: Rog

Channel : Racism  
Info : Published on Nov 17, 2019

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paspareil 10 months ago

I would punch that B***h so hard she would time travel back to her room.

paspareil 10 months ago

Who is more civilized me or a stupid hoe blocking a black man and his kid to go see their family member? Or just you ?

marcel 10 months ago

Well, it's clear that they ain't learning from all the other news stories about similar incident. I'm just waiting for the update when she's fired and begs for forgiveness. Low-key, was thinking. If you didn't come here to bring me some BBC then you can't come in LOL

benevoletracist 10 months ago

Then what happened ??? FHRITP.

bentoebocks 10 months ago

F**king better than me, I woulda pushed that old B***h out of the way so fast she would not have time to realize what was happening

eazye03 10 months ago

On god... Man or women tries to prevent me from stepping into my home and I'm straight up Street Fighter style upper cutting that B***h in the chin!

teddylee 10 months ago

It's like they want to go viral or something

money123 10 months ago

That's why I steal everything I see on crip