Man Shot On Facebook Live While Filming Shooting At Toledo Basketball Court


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Info : Published on Aug 11, 2020

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rdavis67 4 months ago


greenrod 4 months ago

White people do it too. The problem is America is F up and it's gonna get worse per day

rdavis67 4 months ago

You are right white people fo it to. But when you compare the numbers based on the % of population black folks do it disproportionately more. That’s a fact

yuko23 4 months ago

Just be glad you weren’t born in a area where you had to worry about getting shot over a basketball game by parents too stupid to move you or even less care. That’s a lot of black kids worst nightmare. You can hear it in the KIDS voice now he’s probably going to end up toting a weapon as well as every other kid who witnessed what just happened, that’s the hood bra you don’t give a F*ck we do, BLM!

rdavis67 3 months ago

You have no idea of where I grew up. One of seven kids we were poor and I played with kids from every color so don’t think for a F**king minute I don’t know what goes on. Try growing up In Baltimore

realhated 4 months ago


killua 4 months ago

All this gangster rap Sh*t needs to stop. And if a N***a snitched about the situation, you call him a bitch, but that B***h Azz N***a with the need to be locked up and executed

hdeleones 4 months ago

BLM, making progress. Defund the PD...

waynezwurldd 3 months ago

That’s what yo dumb Azz get

buggs40 3 months ago

Whites murder one another at roughly the same percent blacks murder one another. You kill who you live around.

mjcosme2191 3 months ago

It happens at 0:57 you’re welcome.