Home Invasion: Girl Gets Beat In Her Own House For Smashing Someone's Man Report

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48331 Videos . Published on Sep 26, 2019

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tdouble 2 months ago


finesse252 1 month ago

Lol I Wish A Bitch Wouldddddd

legacy 2 months ago

Damn... Didn't care just busted the door open.

meekmillfan 2 months ago

this is a good video but it isnt meek mill related

girlfriend 1 month ago

If she's got a dirty pussy, then it';s all over your man, stupid.

kkid870 1 month ago

Been there done that

birdmann5314 2 months ago


killerklown19 2 months ago

If anyone in that home had access to a firearm and shot the shower cap invader, they would have been completely justified!!

wakanda77 2 months ago

I’m a registered gun owner. It’s not that simple. Even in your home, shooting someone can have grave consequences if they do not find explicit evidence that you were going to die. Thank your mass shooters for these new restrictions.

shooterboi1017 2 months ago

Lol sad as hell

bootlegyourmom 2 months ago

Felony assault and home invasion charges for the ugly monkey in the shower cap.
Welcome to fast food working the rest of your ape life.

kuttboi86 1 month ago

She still fuk yo nigga dumb azz bitch nye u got uh fresh charge n he livin wit dat bitch nye stupid ho

knutz666 1 month ago

my home is set up for shit like that

sunnyvoodooo 2 months ago

Lol sad

mindbodysoul 2 months ago

She going to prison over that weak ass beating. Her man gunna be fuckin allot more bitches while she away. And this self snitching goin on is crazy.

lilgeorge 1 month ago

come on

money123 1 month ago

Wow lol

snappy77 8 days ago


the4thmigoo 1 month ago

You run into my shit, imma 5.56 you bac down the stairs.

maddworld1 2 months ago

Never understood this.

82barz 1 month ago

Violated but did she even try to fight back

82barz 1 month ago

Now she locked up for home invasion assault and many other crimes her man really gonna be at old girl house for shore

Why you mad at her.... All she did was spread her legs... He was the one that put it in.. Why go to jail for them?

btw 1 month ago

I wish like hell.

lusty-phool 2 months ago

Did she really kick the door open like that???? and im mad ol girl just curdled up and took it, shit this is the opportunity to kill somebody but she goes the victim route. She could bit that bitch, clawed eyes out, grabbed a knife, shit anything but she did.

SN: why you taking yo frustration out on the girl instead of yo loose man???? Go kick his door open and attack him like that