Wife Tortured With A Poison Plant For Cheating Report

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3351 Videos . Published on Oct 09, 2019

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fuxwitit247 4 days ago

I bet he's gonna take a piss and forget to wash his hand and light his dick on fire....

camm38 4 days ago

Nigga always saying some fag shit and talking about dick.. stfu weird ass nigga

fuxwitit247 4 days ago

camm38 fuck you and the horse you came in on....I'm a big body nigga and I got guns too...I would ass rape you to death.

zodd 4 days ago

camm38 fuxwitit247 has a pic of him on his Instagram of him at a gay pride parade... no cap. His Instagram name was on his profile but he took it off.. his name is either fuxwitit or fuxwitit257 on Instagram. Dude is a real life faggot.

lilgeorge 4 days ago

Fucked her up

money123 4 days ago


viimarie 2 days ago

A poison plant??? That was his best idea???

bigsen 4 days ago


hydratedh2o 4 days ago

unfortunately you can't poison the hoe out these bitches, just keep it moving, kick that bitch out and go about your shit.