Girl Gets Her Head Scarf Knocked Off And The Crowd Goes Wild Report

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48541 Videos . Published on Sep 25, 2019

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maddworld1 4 months ago

That she stupid. She bald bald

rumpl4skin 4 months ago

Maybe she is going as Okoye for halloween.

slickrick00 4 months ago

crowd goes apeish

toorealfaya 3 months ago

Maybe she had a medical are fukin stupid...

bruhsavage 4 months ago

can you post this video for me??

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

Fuck a channel and make it interesting....or suck a dick and pay for worldstar promo

Rog 4 months ago

Lol bruhsavage that video is never getting approved... all videos that are approved on channels are automatically deleted from your profile after 90 days

bigdawg 4 months ago

That's what you get fighting out of your weight class anyway.

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

She definitely died of embarrassment....

Pinchy123 4 months ago

That's what you call a bald fade.

realhated 4 months ago


fuxwitit247 4 months ago

Your mom is the typical whore....that's why the town loves her.

shoc2006 4 months ago

did everyone automatically assumed she had a head full of beautiful hair underneath at all times?

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

They though she was hiding a bunch of dingbats underneath...

sys 4 months ago

Niggrs acting like a bunch of toddlers; maybe she's having chemotherapy.

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

You've gotten fucking soft since I left.....we got no room for weakness in the tribe....they teach you that shit in France?

girlfriend 3 months ago

Y'all are easily amused.

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

I love when black people make chimpanzee noises....that shit makes me laugh ever fucking time....its like 3 levels above a 'damn!'.