Little Boy Smoking Like A Grown Man On Live


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By: Rog

Channel : Badazz Kids  
Info : Published on Jan 09, 2020

Tags : smoking,

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kokomami 9 months ago

Where are his parents ohhhh yeah they are having raw sex to bring more of these bastard babies into the world wow wow wow such a disgrace

mikeb227 27 days ago

It’s always a racist comment atleast Lil man drug of choice is weed and not nos, meth, sniffing markers, acid or none of that off the wall Sh*t white kids doing nowadays. FYI doctors prescribing marijuana to kids now so who knows if he has a prescription trying to look cool

ericgilbert21 5 months ago

Wonder how far this lil homie gonna make it his life

yuko23 1 month ago

Da ghetto