Lol: She Thought She Was Getting Away With Stealing Her Neighbor's Package


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By: yrnnick   Channel : Dumb Criminals  

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Info : Published on Jul 02, 2020

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greenlantern1 5 months ago

White folks still packages every day

hambone212 5 months ago

Steal* you F**king idiot. You nikkuhs are not bullshitting about that shitty education thing.

tonetone734 5 months ago

I love racist ppl me and my black friends use to beat the dog Sh*t out of y’all in high and rip your confederate flags of y’all pickups I’ll still do it till this day, 🤷🏾 Then bust a fat nut on a doctor built wannabe (black) white bitch, never once called y’all anything other the racist and a wannabe, all y’all got is the word nigger, F**king culture vultures

eskilo22 2 months ago

fatherless is another word, you haven't beat Sh*t lmao how white people in your area culture vultures rolling around with confederate flags? you lyin, if not, post some videos.

roscoe35 5 months ago

Just another typical niggr in niggerville

legacy 5 months ago

You really need your Azz beat

roscoe35 5 months ago

What would you call it Azz chomper???HAAAA??

shutdavuckup 5 months ago

Beat that thieving B***h ass. Beat her face in with a bat. Imagine how many other peoples packages she has stolen.

westsidebp74 5 months ago

Idc what race they are thieves are the scum of the earth to me mfs always want to take what people work for and pay on their own F**king ridiculous I hate thieves

rdavis67 5 months ago

been stealing since she could crawl. more than likely learned it from her mom

roscoe35 5 months ago

Yep its always about what you can get away with in the BLack race.

hambone212 5 months ago

Nikkuh Azz always be stealing and then try to deny it knowing they lying.