Black Chick Slapped The Fire Out Of Old White Man During An Altercation At Supermarket Report

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2454 Videos . Published on Sep 11, 2019

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freeze82 27 days ago

They quick to say call the cops when you get on they ass...she should have slapped her ass to "CALL THE COPS "????????????

7thwardairlines 3 months ago

lol, ok!

dbizzle43 3 months ago

Popped his bitch ass lol

meekmillfan 3 months ago

typical ignorant shit

zodd 3 months ago

shut up, you pussy.

meekmillfan 3 months ago

was that you in the video? bitch slapped the shit outta u huh?

fuxwitit247 3 months ago

This black on black violence has got to stop....

mindbodysoul 3 months ago

lmao @ his delayed fall

nice 3 months ago

He should have beat the nigga out of her.

white-mans-catnip 3 months ago

Lmfao she beat him into a dance move

white-mans-catnip 3 months ago

Did the stanky leg

monkeyforsale 3 months ago

Niggerous trash.

fuxwitit247 3 months ago

You didnt say that when I was fucking you in the ass last night....

fuxwitit247 3 months ago

Without whips and chains....white people some bitches.

hydratedh2o 3 months ago

you mean without weapons and numbers.