Wtf: This Lady Lets Her Son Choke And Stomp On Her Daughter's Head Report

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1149 Videos . Published on Oct 15, 2019

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countryboi 4 months ago

Kids should not be allowed to raise children, the court should automatically hand the child over to the grandparents

zodd 4 months ago

dude... you are gay. Like in real life gay. Remember I seen your Instagram with you at the gay parade... you are a faggot.

countryboi 4 months ago

You are right FUXUWHITI247, but that is more civilized than what W*ite people do Which is "KILL THIERS"..

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

Most black people willingly do it anyway....

bootlegyourmom 4 months ago

zodd 's kids class in self defense.

slickrick00 4 months ago

another felon in the making already shining thru. dont worry they will have a nice cage for you in 16 yrs

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

I hope you accidentally hit someone and get sent to prison....and I hope you keep this same energy.

bigsen 4 months ago


bootlegyourmom 4 months ago


money123 4 months ago

Good luck with that

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

I see a marine in the making....

factsonly 4 months ago

Its all fun and games when you let a broke ass nigga nut up in you until the kids show up and he disappear..foreal I think these hoes be doing this shit on purpose to get their kid taken..why else would you record this and post it for the world to tge chick smoking and juggling her newborn or the dumb bitch last year sent her kids to school 10° outside with flip flops and shorts and t shirt on..and the bitch letting her 3 year old smoke weed they all posted that shot and all got their kids taken...this shit is on purpose notice how she zoomed in on the baby girls face..

doctormagic 4 months ago

black lives matt...oops, wrong video LOL

toorealfaya 4 months ago

If that little girl was my relative...child...cousin..niece...I would be the life outta whoever is the grown up and whip THA FUK outta that little boyz ass fa a good 15 minutes straight...FOH!!!

lilgeorge 4 months ago

wtf is happening

maddworld1 4 months ago

Be careful who get pregnant.

nikkilove 4 months ago

This hurt my heart