Guy Snitches On Fort Worth Crips And Bloods And Exposes Everything They Do On Facebook Live


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By: theduck1893   Channel : WTF  

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Info : Published on Feb 03, 2020

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nice 9 months ago

N****s never change. Still and always snitching . N****s will snitch on you in a minute. Never believe a N***a wont snitch.

dice 9 months ago

Know why the black community is so violent? Cause everybody knows who killed little Jamal, but nobody gonna say anything cause theyll be snitching. So not only does the killer get away but everybody else gets the idea that theyll get away with it too. cops can't help if nobody tells them shit. Theyll be 20 eye witnesses who all "never saw nuthin". Thats where justice ends for Jamals mom.

whysosadman 9 months ago

Dice, it's more like we saw Marc shoot Jamal called the police and they never found him but you saw him 30 minutes after the police left the scene. You call the cops on a murderer and they pull into your yard questioning you with the murderer or his circle watching waiting for the police to leave. Unless you've lived nextdoor to killers you can't judge folks who have.

dice 9 months ago

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kingshawn 9 months ago

Black people stupid af

josephaaneya 9 months ago


teddylee 9 months ago

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slimeylifeslimeytype 9 months ago

This man clearly on drugs and needs help

money123 9 months ago

On Crip we got you

legacy 9 months ago

Well I hope you're preparing for your funeral in the process..

teddylee 9 months ago

Is he wrong about putting it on line? Yeah. Why's he all in the midst of all that and now telling?