A Terrifying Scene In The Heart Of Downtown Orlando Early Thursday As Video Shows A Man Carrying And Firing An Ar-15. Report

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5062 Videos . Published on Jan 11, 2020
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Florida Man Raging Around Downtown Orlando With the Stick AR-15. Shocking video appears to show a man carrying and then firing an AR-15 rifle in the heart of downtown Orlando. The video shows a man holding an AR-15 rifle and yelling at people near Orange Avenue and Pine Street early Thursday.

Officers arrested Ryan Sarjoo in the case and charged him with openly carrying firearms.
Hours after he posted bail and left jail, Sarjoo stated that a group of men had tried robbing him. He said he was surrounded and punched in the face.

He said he ran to his car and got a handgun and the rifle. The video shows the rifle being fired at least once. Nobody was hit.

According to an arrest report, police showed up moments after the shot was fired and arrested Sarjoo.

The report notes that two women told officers at the scene that Sarjoo was defending himself, but they wouldn’t give their names or write any sworn statements.

Orlando police officials called the actions reckless and dangerous, and said innocent people could have been hurt.


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