I Could Watch This All Day!


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By: Rog   Channel : Fights  

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Info : Published on May 19, 2020

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wyawya357 6 months ago

Wow wow lol no cap DAT Sh*t WAS FIRE OFF DA HOO yo dis my new Sh*t PLEASE KEEP THIS ROCKIN bring more skits

lewyduh13th 6 months ago

Lhh bruh i said the same Sh*t 🤣🤣

roscoe35 6 months ago

All of you are high as F*ck

rdavis67 6 months ago

I am

petedon39 6 months ago

Me too got me really on this Sh*t good smoke and entertainment lol this Sh*t dope though

elelcoolbey 6 months ago

yeah, its the weed.

roscoe35 6 months ago

It must be some good shit. lo.z

sboog87 6 months ago

That jawn fire.

ericgilbert21 6 months ago

That’s talent

red0138 6 months ago

pretty dope 😎

flyman 6 months ago

"predict this" wahpoosh,pisshh, poww, wahhpishh