Guy Gets Exposed By Transgender Then He Threatens To Take Her Life


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By: bucknasty   Channel : LGBTQ  

Tags : clout, expose, tranny,

Info : Published on Aug 04, 2019

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neicy 1 year ago

Maury in Connecticut

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

Bro double down....say you came it his mouth....and shot cum up his nose...and farted in his face...embarrass him

shoc2006 1 year ago

making bobby v proud.

suckyducky 1 year ago

The foolery play games if you want

kingsmashnpassher 1 year ago

Let's go half on a baby

zodd 1 year ago

Chill nigga, she mine.


normalthom 1 year ago

That's F****d up. The dude's right. F*ck that sicko tranny.

kingsmashnpassher 1 year ago

800 witnesses

benevoletracist 1 year ago

I can't undestand either one, they are both talking at the same time---waste of my time video

hydratedh2o 1 year ago

just stop son, we all know you got the head from ol dude. why even get on cam and play yourself like this. if you didn't do the Sh*t you'd just keep it pushing, why engage in this foolishness.