Crazy Home Invasion


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By: coldirtybastard   Channel : Crimes  

Tags : Invasion,

Info : Published on Jun 20, 2020

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nice 4 months ago

N****s at their finest. Black equality get the F**k outta here. BLACK LIVE MATTER. Just work for your shit. You N****s gotta steal, loot, welfare, section 8, government help WORK WORK WORK N****s

hdeleones 4 months ago

Well they are indeed all black males committing a violent crime.

rdavis67 4 months ago

N*****s doing what they do best jumping on people 4 against 1 and of course stealing cause they are to F**king sorry to work for it. That’s why I invite any coon to come try and break in my house. They would feel the pain and they own mommas won’t be able to identify them

hambone212 4 months ago

Looks like a black lives matter riot at his house

loveyoubaby 4 months ago

Oh Look its a niggger festival how quaint. F**k YOU N******s F**k YOU TO HELL. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. Now they are all dead and I love it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA