Dude Chokes His Girlfriend On Instagram Live After He Caught Her Dancing For Other Men Report

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3522 Videos . Published on Nov 08, 2019

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teddylee 5 days ago

Bitch ass dude

legacy 5 days ago

His stupid ass is all over Instagram now he's gonna get shot the fuck up...stupid coward ass bitch

bigsen 5 days ago

all he doing is warming her neck up for some more dudes can deep throat her next

pianoman77 5 days ago

Punk ass bitch

eyeswatching1 5 days ago

He weak for that. He just showed us how insecure he really is

possumsweatyshirt 5 days ago

This nigga is NUTS frfr

theworldisending 5 days ago

I miss the days when choking a bitch was seen as merciful.

These hoes knew how to act back then.

jamonse 4 days ago

They like clowns so they get treated like one, what the fuck you expect from motherfuckers who don't have a life

money123 5 days ago

It's not that much

skookie69 5 days ago

I bet she stays with him because he says he loves her

snappy77 5 days ago


josephaaneya 5 days ago


alinda175 4 days ago