Disrespectful: Dude Touching On This Girl With Her Boyfriend Next To Her Report

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832 Videos . Published on Aug 12, 2019

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brodriguez 11 months ago

This site, with the pop ups, ads, ever changing formats. I go to enlarge the video and I'm reading and seeing dumb Sh*t cuz it tricks me into clicking on ads. So annoying. Fix this Sh*t for the faithful few .

realhated 11 months ago

doesn't happen when you're on a computer with an adblocker on your browser. I've never seen an ad in the 3 years of being on here.

zodd 11 months ago

Download AdBlocker.

white-mans-catnip 11 months ago

He wont cause it generates ad revenue every time we accidentally click on one.

suckyducky 11 months ago

Give it a sec before you push cause it's still loading and normally push up on the site

brodriguez 11 months ago

Exactly what happens.

brodriguez 11 months ago

Can I do that on an Android phone?

realhated 11 months ago

computer only

brodriguez 11 months ago

Exactly. It hesitates and if you hit the video too fast it's the ad instead.

hydratedh2o 11 months ago

he-bitch showing out since he with his crew. and that dude definitely not getting any puss up out this B*tch! that Sh*t was super disrespectful, dude was obviously looking for a fight since he had his Fxg team with him.