18109 Videos . Published on Apr 02, 2016
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A Black Lives Matter supporter says she was ejected from an American Airlines flight for simply flying while Black.

Imani Cezanne, who wore a "Black Lives Matter" t-shirt with the names of victims of police violence, said she was escorted off the Atlanta-bound flight after a flight attendant said she felt "threatened."

"Nothing about my voice, tone, body language etc. communicated "threatening." Other than, of course, this Black body," Cezanne wrote in a thread of tweets explaining the incident.

Cezanne says things went left after she questioned the flight attendant after she moved a foreign couple away from their exit row seats. The flight attendant responded that passengers in the exit row must be able to speak English in order to understand procedure in case of an emergency.

When Cezanne continues to speak to the woman next to her about her "concerns," the flight attendant, she says, asked her if she was going to "be a problem."


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