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A black counter-protester was arrested at a secessionist rally over the weekend after the event was recently reinstated by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R).

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety said that 27-year-old Jatonia Devina Sanford of Buffalo, New York was taken into custody on Sunday for “cursing and yelling racial slurs at those who rallied under the S.C. Secession Flag,” according to The State.

A video published by the paper shows Sanford insisting that she did not use profanity as officers take her away.

Sanford was charged with public disorderly conduct and simple possession of marijuana.

The South Carolina Secessionist Party reserved the State House grounds to hold its annual “Sovereignty Day Rally” but the event had been canceled last week after State Police cited ongoing security concerns.

Haley, however, reinstated the reservations on Friday. Haley spokesperson Chaney Adams explained: “The governor believes that the State House grounds belong to all people, whether she agrees with their views or not.”

“When she was made aware of the reservation cancellation, she met with law enforcement officials, and after being assured that they could handle the public safety concerns that exist, the governor asked that the reservation be reinstated.”

“Sovereignty Day Rally” organizers said that the event was scheduled to celebrate the 155th anniversary of South Carolina seceding from the Union.


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