Damn: This Brawl Damn Near Destroyed The House


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By: Rog   Channel : Fights  

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Info : Published on Apr 27, 2020

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rdavis67 6 months ago

Those crackers look like they came out of the move Deliverance

roscoe35 6 months ago

THere ain't a N****r alive can survive the wrath of some deliverance cracker types.

thehazeofourlives 6 months ago

Except fuor when your mother and little sister took it up the Azz for 3 all nighters in a row. Rog!!!! This Pinkerton POS gotta go!!!!

thehazeofourlives 6 months ago

That house smells of nothing but old hog dog water and stale mayo sandwiches.

whiteymctrash 6 months ago

LIBERALS practicing for vf the TRUMP purge.

antsmoove 6 months ago

These sick F**ks 😩😩😒