Group Of Men Harass, Beat And Rob 3 Transwomen In Hollywood


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By: black_one®   Channel : Los Angeles  

Tags : fights, Group of men, harass,

Info : Published on Aug 18, 2020

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jhoffa22 3 months ago

Man thier trannys CHANGE THAT HEADLINE y'all are making Sh*t up and trying to get people booked for hitting women..

dynasty089 3 months ago

They can’t be IG Models because they’re transgender? Must don’t want to wrap your mind around the fact that a lot of transgenders are in fact the women you follow on IG daily 🤷🏿‍♀️ It’s 2020 wake up

kimbee 3 months ago

Id dont matter if they tranny, gay, straight, lady ya dont put your hands on anyone! Ya dont chase and mock people while down and need help. What a F**king Azz!

dynasty089 3 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

awe310 3 months ago

They clowns lacking manhood real men don't behave like them so I'm sorry all of the women that had to go through this traumatic thing.

kptheg4426 3 months ago

Wait wait wait....did anybody watch the full video???? Im thinking yooo why they doin these females like that. Come to find out......those IG models are trans 😐 those are niggas. Wtf.

kimbee 3 months ago

Who cares!!? Ya dont put your hands on people and rob them and mock them while being hurt.. Not cool.

beecee 3 months ago

Theyre trannys?

rdavis67 3 months ago


youreyezonly 3 months ago you thots should stay off ig lol

drainman 3 months ago

these N****s hoes, all of them

uncrownedgecko 3 months ago

I'm confused. Who recording?

timbaylor 3 months ago

what did they do

kimbee 3 months ago

Why is everyone complaining about them being a different gender? I dont give a F*ck if ya different gender color ya dont put your hands on people. Ya dont mock people when they need help and ya dont rob them.. Y'all have no respect!

yuko23 3 months ago

Haha sweet! Ig thots like roaches! Lmao