White Supremacist Kills Witch Doctor In South Africa In Front Of His Family And Record It On Fb Live Report

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4765 Videos . Published on Dec 03, 2019

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kokomami 2 months ago

THANK GOD SOMEONE KILLED THIS STUPID FUCKIN CUNT BITCH! These so called “witch doctors” STEAL CHILDREN OFF THE STREETS BEHEAD THEM AND SELL THEIR BODY PARTS ! So anyone feeling sorry for this stupid Black bitch should just go die like her !!! God Job buddy you saved tons of children from being killed !! This is a Great human being right here folks but most of y’all such idiots you don’t get it !

jhoffa22 2 months ago

Stfu Your Inbred idiot..

kokomami 1 month ago

Yup you sound just like a baby killer yourself !

ep100 2 months ago

I jus wanna Kno how are there white supremacists in South Africa

josephaaneya 2 months ago

Ill mind

money123 2 months ago

It's all good

bigsen 1 month ago


snappy77 2 months ago