48384 Videos . Published on Feb 25, 2016
Info :

February 10, 2016 riot at Topo Chico Prison in Monterrey which resulted in the deaths of 49 prisoners has emerged online.

The footage, which has no audio and has been sped up, shows large numbers of prisoners wandering around the courtyard of the prison at 22:48, despite Ministry of Public Security regulations that required prisoners to be back in their cells and under guard by 21:00.

The footage shows prison guards taking shelter in a house as a large faction of the Los Zetas drug cartel led by Juan Pedro Saldivar-Far'ias (aka El Z-27) attack the cell block housing a rival Los Zetas leader, Jorge Iv'an Hern'andez Cant'u(aka El Credo), causing a melee with El Credo's faction and fires to break out in a food storage area and a cell block.

The rival factions of inmates can also be seen setting up flaming barricades and clashing on the roof of the prison. The fighting lasted until 1:30 AM when military and police units subdued the prisoners.

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