Driver Checks Female Cop During A Traffic Stop Report

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9201 Videos . Published on Oct 14, 2019

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brodriguez 9 months ago

Who would still smash?

normalthom 9 months ago

Yep, I'd hit it.

fuxwitit247 9 months ago


brodriguez 9 months ago


bigsen 9 months ago

a black man would have been shot.smh

bootlegyourmom 9 months ago

I was hoping she shot his stupid ass.

snappy77 9 months ago

know your rights

brodriguez 9 months ago

Sounds like an entitled whiny F**king brat. He would just use that affluent defense to get off any charges anyway.

fuxwitit247 9 months ago

He never made it home for dinner and we still havent found him to this day.....

lilgeorge 9 months ago

well ftp

mindbodysoul 9 months ago

That dude was an annoying whiny B***h imho

josephaaneya 9 months ago


money123 9 months ago


davidoti 9 months ago


He gave up his id I dont think thats checking her

teddylee 9 months ago

Whining with facts isn't quite checking somebody.

shoc2006 9 months ago

who was u oinking then douche? male cop would've dragged his Azz out for lying.