Circus Bear Attacks Trainer During Performance


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Info : Published on Oct 24, 2019

The stun gun saved the trainer from inevitable reprisals in front of dozens of spectators - during a circus performance in Karelia, the bear attacked the man and almost cracked his throat. An eyewitness filmed the attack on video.

The number "Clubfoot and Garden Wheelbarrow" from the troupe "Shapito Full House" residents of Olonets will remember for a long time. At first, the large beast actually drove the cart and followed the instructions of the trainer, but as soon as it raised its hands sharply and shouted loudly, the predator rushed to the attack. After a couple of seconds, the man was already lying in the arena, and a bear was sitting on it.

Spectators began to leave the hall, while the assistant kicked trying to push the animal. He managed to drive him away from the trainer only with the help of a shocker.

"The bear went to our section and everything was in a fog, as I had already calmed him down," one of the visitors said.

Despite the incident, the show continued. What injuries the trainer received, is not specified, but he left the arena for his two.

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brodriguez 1 year ago

When will they learn. Remember when the tiger chomped on that dudes head?

teddylee 1 year ago

That was kinda funny

countryboi 1 year ago

That bear was fed up with this bullshit and wanted his last paycheck so he can get the F*ck outta there!

lilgeorge 1 year ago

Thats what you get

money123 1 year ago

He signed up for this lol

snappy77 1 year ago

beat his Azz

manmadddd 1 year ago

Trainer called him a N***a with the e.r at the end

crimson94 1 year ago

Natural selection