They So Wrong For That : Guy Gets Jumped After Trying To 1 On 1


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Fights  

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Info : Published on Nov 07, 2019

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teddylee 1 year ago


slickrick00 1 year ago

scared N*****s have to jump white people. F*****t niggers. no one likes them.

sekolos 1 year ago

That must be your father

snappy77 1 year ago


josephaaneya 1 year ago


shoc2006 1 year ago

art of war. "best battles are the ones never fought." if u ignore that, make sure his homies ain't around!

money123 1 year ago

That's why people get shot

nice 1 year ago

Typical N***a shit. Cant fight and always 100% have to be like 5 on 1. F*ck the N***a race.