Smh: Dude Forced A Woman Into An Ice Cream Freezer


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By: yrnnick

Channel : SMH  
Info : Published on Jun 17, 2020

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loveyoubaby 3 months ago

Why N*****s got to show their ass? FOUL FUCKERS

novellconnor 3 months ago

So nobody’s gonna say nothing about him sticking his finger in her Azz at the end of the video..... N****s a weirdo

greater20 3 months ago

Please kill those blackies. Kill them in the worst possible way

sgtwilliedsnutts 3 months ago

Got mo crack than Harlem, He probably a crack baby too sad generation

hambone212 3 months ago

I see this BLM movement and then I see videos of yall beating your kids and this Sh*t and killing each other. Even blacks dont care about black lives

rdavis67 3 months ago

Wtf? Idiots. Get a job

person 3 months ago

more video of this please

uncrownedgecko 3 months ago

Those N****s Gay