Girl Gets Set Up By Her Friend And Gets Beat And Jumped In Front Of Her Kids By Another Girl For Texting And Talking To Her Babydaddy! Report

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5614 Videos . Published on Nov 06, 2019

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cooley 5 months ago

U hoes lame all u bitches if u put that effort in on getting money bettering your kids that shit wouldn't matter

mkp 5 months ago

It amazes me how trash will go after the other woman but does nothing to the man who is supposed to be faithful to her.

money123 5 months ago

Good friends

theworldisending 5 months ago

Bitches are dumb.

atp2 4 months ago

If I was ol girl I'll catch each and every last one of them by they self and beat the fuck out of all them bitches

snappy77 5 months ago


bigjay 5 months ago

scum bitches

fuckahoe1261 5 months ago

Wea the whole video lol

chrisgambino 5 months ago

Not coo or a good look. Smdh. Ratchet is as ratchet does.

nigeeboy91 5 months ago

If y'all die y'all deserve it