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A Chesterfield, Missouri police officer has been arrested by his brothers in blue.

It started with 34-year-old David E. Cerna placing an ad on Craigslist, while posing as a woman, offering free anonymous oral sex through a hole in a door. He included an image of a woman that he claimed was him, but insisted that the actual act would be anonymous.

His ad netted at least 60 men.

What those men also didn’t know, however, was that Cerna was recording them – and he posted the videos online.

He was charged with invasion of privacy for recording and publishing those sex acts, and pleaded guilty this week.

But the investigation uncovered an even more disturbing crime. He’d also, on at least one occasion, arrested an underage boy and sexually assaulted him. He recorded that too.

If all that wasn’t enough, the investigation also turned up evidence that he’d placed a hidden camera in a gas station restroom and uploaded those videos to the Internet as well. Some reports even point to Cerna owning the web sites in question – which means he was making money off of his victims.

Attorney Gonzalo Fernandez believes there were even more underage victims while David Cerna was on active duty.

“In fact, the contact would often be initiated by him performing some sort of traffic stop. Some of these people are minors,” he said. “I know one of them was as young as 16.”

“David Cerna kind of took it upon himself to walk through various bedrooms of the house by himself, which at the time seemed strange to the family, and now knowing what they do about his propensity for clandestine filming, you wonder,” he added.

The mother of one of the victims told a news station, “It`s messed my son up horribly. He is paranoid all the time, thinking that someone is watching him all the time. He won`t sleep alone. He thinks people are after him all the time.”

The investigation is still ongoing, and the full extent of Cerna’s crimes isn’t known at this time. It’s also unknown how much time he’s facing.


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