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Dashcam video from a chase in Oakland County shows a deputy nearly being run over while trying to make an arrest. It all started with a routine traffic stop in Pontiac on Emerson Road near Baltimore when an Oakland County Sheriff's deputy tries to stop a car blowing through a stop sign. But then it turned into this.

Slammed, then pinned against his own car, Oakland County Sheriff deputy Raymond Wiggins Jr. is recovering Tuesday after trying to pull over, then chase down a 21-year-old Pontiac man.

"His leg was twisted up and over, he was in a painful moment," said Sheriff Michael Bouchard. "It can go from a calm moment to absolute life and death situations for the men and women on the front lines every day."

The sheriff's office says Wiggins spotted the erratic driver on Emerson in Pontiac early Saturday morning, of course not knowing who he was attempting to pull over.

"Just running a stop sign by accident or maybe he was running from something in the area," Bouchard. "So they went to stop him and off he ran."

Calling for backup, Wiggins followed the driver speeding down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, through more stop signs, intersections and neighborhoods.

"That was when the deputy decided to put a stop to it so he didn't hurt anybody and initiated a pit maneuver," Bouchard said.

Trying to block and stop the speeding driver, along with two other deputies help, the man decided to make a run for it.


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