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The man accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and an Orlando police officer is in custody after a massive nine-day manhunt, according to the Orlando Police Department.

News of Markeith Loyd's arrest was announced on Twitter Tuesday night by Orlando police. A search for Loyd, 41, has been underway in Central Florida since Lt. Debra Clayton was fatally shot while trying to approach Loyd outside an Orlando Walmart the morning of Jan. 9. Law enforcement sources told News 6 that authorities surrounded a house at 1157 Lescot Lane in Carver Shores and ordered Loyd to surrender Tuesday just before 7 p.m. Loyd crawled out of the house covered in body armor and armed with two guns, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said during a news conference Tuesday night.

Mina said Loyd initially tried to escape out the back through a sliding glass door, but came out through the front door and dropped the firearms on the ground.

One of the guns had a 100-round capacity, Mina said. Loyd resisted arrest but no law enforcement officers were injured during Loyd's capture. Mina said Loyd is being treated for facial injuries, which he described as "minor."

No one else was inside the home when Loyd was taken into custody. The house was abandoned and Mina does not know how long Loyd had been hiding inside.

Though the house was abandoned, it does have ties to some of Loyd's known associates, Mina said.

“There will be more arrests as the investigation continues,” Mina said. “We know that people did help him out and assisted him.”

Mina said that police used Clayton's handcuffs to arrest Loyd.

"That's a tradition in law enforcement that goes back many, many years," Mina said. "Debra Clayton risked her life for this community that she loves so dearly and to put her handcuffs on the bad guy that she was trying to catch when she was killed is just significant, meaningful to her family... as well as the law enforcement community."


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