Mother Breaks Down As Her Teen Son Is Arrested For Making School Shooting Threats On A Video Game Report

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5130 Videos . Published on Aug 21, 2019

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bootlegyourmom 12 months ago

Send him to prison! little brat.

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

How you gonna talk about your son like that...

bootlegyourmom 12 months ago

I will sacrifice him to the ILLUMINATI.

dbizzle43 12 months ago

Typical Crakkkers hahaha

hydratedh2o 12 months ago

great, take him off to Azz fuckin prison, and slap this B***h for raising a cunt.

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

If you didnt suck at videos games you wouldn't of rage quit...

blänçö 12 months ago

He mustve lost in fortnite

ryan1990 4 months ago

The mom said that’s a silly, B***h what?! What silly about that?