Car Blocks Detroit Traffic To Do Donuts On I-94


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Info : Published on Dec 23, 2019

In the summer they were "on the Lodge with it" and in the winter they are "on 94 with it."

A viral video posted Sunday night shows a red Camaro doing donuts and blocking traffic in Detroit on Interstate 94.

The driver circled around multiple people who were dangerously close on the freeway and appeared to be a part of the stunt.

People were filming the scene on phones, walking around and standing on top of their cars. One person yells multiple times: "We on 94 with it, baby!"
This isn't the first time the group has pulled a stunt like this. In June, the Detroit group called TSNLS participated in #SundayFunday and blocked traffic on the Lodge Freeway while a car spun in tight circles in the middle with its tires screeching.

At the time, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said, “We are not going to tolerate this blatant disregard for public safety in our city."

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doit big N***a

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Not when I'm driving