Dude Gets Hoed Out Of A Gram Of Weed In His Own Car


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By: Rog

Channel : Hood Clips  
Info : Published on Feb 09, 2020

Tags : SMH,

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cisco 7 months ago

He needs to change his name from bigmoney.bigkey to Big Buster Mark Azz Nigga. If you was really about money you would be giving away weed to keep everybody who knows you feeling comfortable instead waiting until you slippin' and knocc yo wig bacc. This is why the streets stay hot from succas like this who have no honor or respect.

aviennakdub 7 months ago

Exactly. He's just a thief

jaylibra74 6 months ago

Damn shame, a mafuka gotta steal a gram....That's some corn ball shit.....

82barz 5 months ago

N****s is bums stealing a gram but his name big money F**k outta here

atp2 7 months ago

Let's see how funny it is when i punch y'all in y'all Sh*t

blikrik11 4 months ago

There comes a time when u gotta man up and fight..cuz you messed up and trusted the wrong fools!! None of his so-called boys, even tried to help him..but they would all hit tha blizzy tho! Blatant disrespect of you and your property deserves a beatdown..even if u lose..at least try!

liltritdh 7 months ago

They clowns