Kid Gets Beat Up For Allegedly Stealing Drugs Report

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17 Videos . Published on May 22, 2020

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stfu 10 days ago

its so obvious the white girl is the one who did all the drugs

aboogers 9 days ago

Sounds like she took them all

normalthom 9 days ago

Yeah, she sounds like she's had enough drugs already. He did her a favor.

dommarley520 4 days ago

That shit so pussy. They need to get that same exact treatment! 🙏🏾

jerseychoc82 8 days ago

I seen this on FB the other day I couldn’t get that young man out my head they said he’s braindead. I hope they get what coming couldn’t be my son😢

stfu 10 days ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

scorpiana 7 days ago


rdavis67 9 days ago

they lucky them hispanics didnt take a machete to him