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A Georgia father who got fed up with his daughter's bullies and went to her school to fight them has been charged with battery. Michael Zellars, 51, was caught on video attacking two teenaged girls before being tackled by school resource officers.

Zellars accompanied his daughter to Lithonia High School in Dekalb County after hearing her complain about two 16-year-old girls that would frequently torment her. His daughter pointed out the alleged bullies and claimed that they were planning to assault her.

According to a police report, Zellars ambushed one of the girls with a sucker punch before school resource officers could break up the fight. The report also claims that Zellars told the girls that he would return to the school and fight them again.

However, Zellars maintains that he did nothing wrong, and that the officers misunderstood his attempt to break up a fight. “I go to pull them off and security attacks me,” Zellars said.

The father has been banned from school property, while the alleged bullies have been suspended through the end of the school year and were taken to a juvenile detention center. All parties face charges of misdemeanor battery, obstructing law enforcement and disrupting a public school.


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