Damn Shame: Cop Arrest Woman For Rolling Up Her Car Window When He Tried To Holla!


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By: Rog   Channel : Police Activity  

Info : Published on Aug 14, 2014

See this the Sh*t I be taking about..this is why I dnt have any respect for some of these hoeish police. Now y'all know I already feel some type of way today anyway cus of Mike Brown.. Now here it is I'm at gas station parked with the car off trying to get my fafsa for school to go thru on my phone. The police pull up on me, got out his car trying to talk to me, asking me what's up with me, & what got my attention, I told him I was trying to handle some business, he continued to talk & I rolled the window up on him & he said well since you so busy he was gonna write me a ticket...he walk back to his car & backed up to give me a ticket...y'all will see the rest on the video, & then he snatched the phone out my hand and tried to erase the video shaking my hands...but unfortunately I know my rights he had to give me my phone back. This why I feel the way I do..and you already know what that is. I hope his wife see he out here harassing & trying to talk to these women out here smh...that's why ion trust these crooked Azz police, it ain't all..but it's a lot of them. But trust this ain't the last y'all!! & my bad I meant St.Louis not New Orleans and yes I was #UnArmed y'all heard him say he was gonna arrest me for .... What???minding my own business park at the gas station & not giving him the day of the time...YEA I KNOW

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