Listen To What Judge Says After Witness Asked To Be Excused In Amber Guyger Case Report

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1159 Videos . Published on Oct 07, 2019

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money123 6 days ago

Wow lol

chia-chia 6 days ago

What the fuck is funny about this? Grow the fuck up man

money123 6 days ago

You mad fight the system asking me to grow up will not help niggas die every day b lol

blacksioux 6 days ago

I'm sure Amber Guyger has something to do with this?

hydratedh2o 5 days ago

ya think?! obvious as fuck the cops killed him in retaliation.

lilgeorge 6 days ago

Say what

tmac 6 days ago


theduck1893 6 days ago


manmadddd 6 days ago

Then he goes home and someone did a hard reset on this man. Rip

iiworkmagic 6 days ago

true wickness right in ya face

toogunzzup 6 days ago

The plot thickens

korbyn 6 days ago

I feel so sorry for this judge. There has been nothing but turmoil for her since the day before the trial got underway.

factsonly 6 days ago

This man was killed in an upscale mostly white neighborhood in Dallas...a grey four door sedan was the get away car...the Dallas police is investigating the case...really?...

snappy77 6 days ago


liljg28200 6 days ago


legacy 6 days ago

That judge knew he was going to die, that's why she said I'm surprised he came.

bigsen 6 days ago


sunnyvoodooo 6 days ago


the12deel 6 days ago

I think what most are missing is the fact that Joshua Brown "survived" an attempt on his life a year prior to this. He stated on numerous occasions, that he thought someone was trying to kill him, his friend was killed standing next to him. Also, I think it's odd AF, the police have not found anyone to link to this "Assassination", in either case. This video, lends to the fact that even the "Judge" knew this man's life was in danger.