Check Out This Girl Savage Response After Her Man Caught Her Cheating


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By: Rog

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Info : Published on Oct 09, 2019

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bootlegyourmom 12 months ago

zodd will take this beast off your hands. He loves when the eyebrows are on fleek and the muffin top is poppin out them jeans.

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

are you going through a mid life crisis why are you switching avatars every five minutes?

zodd 12 months ago

your mexican Azz wishes you were black.

bootlegyourmom 12 months ago

hahaha i'll keep this one.

money123 12 months ago

Hoes ain't loyal

bigsen 12 months ago


manmadddd 12 months ago

I would have gotten her pregnant then one day tell her I'm heading out for cigarettes, ask her if she want anything. That would have been the last time she saw me! Bwahaha

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

then you would of been in court and forced to pay child support and if you didnt do that, you would go to jail. being a male in this generation is lose-lose

chia-chia 12 months ago

Yea he B***h made forreal

jayewho 12 months ago

And thats why B*****s get killed. Sh*t like this.

lilgeorge 12 months ago

She doesn't care

marcusblackk 12 months ago

fat B***h dgaf lmao

brodriguez 12 months ago

Damn he let a 3 treat him that way. I could see if she was at least a hard 7 but she's kinda nasty. U think it fuunnyyyyyy. You played mmeeeeeee. Haha

crimson94 12 months ago

"Cry! I dont're a bitch" his Dxck that small?

danilo557 12 months ago

Fuuhk it

bfp 12 months ago


vici0us 12 months ago

That B***h is hurt AF and you trip of this 2$ hoe LOLZ

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

just tell everyone she gave you HIV. that's what money123 does.