West Baltimore Woman Says Trump Ain't Racist And Residents Are Thankful He Put Elijah Cummings On Blast! Report

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6724 Videos . Published on Aug 02, 2019

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benevoletracist 7 months ago

Let's do the math.Suppose Baltimore put a bounty on rats, say a buck a dead rat. Now suppose you got a dog and went rat hunting 2 days a week. Now suppose your dog killed
30 rats a night that's 30 x 2 = $60.oo. How much KFC can you buy for 60 bucks jQuery33108774081912014189_1564760260212?? At a buck a rat either Baltimore will get rid of it's rat problem or black folks will be breeding rats.
If I was hunting rats in the hood, I'd set my traps or bring the dog to the dumpster in back of KFC. If they put a dollar bounty on rats expect an influx of asians into the hood.
Fault my logic.

realhated 7 months ago

thank you, smart woman. all he did was point out a problem and suddenly he's 'racist'. keep voting for that scumbag and see where it gets you. cummings has been in office since the 90's

brodriguez 7 months ago

Pancake arms