Doctors Remove Long Dildo From A Persons Stomach


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By: lilgeorge

Channel : Medical  
Info : Published on Oct 11, 2019

Tags : Doctor, Remove, dildo, stomach,

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bigdawg 12 months ago

Pulling that Sh*t out like a magician pulling out a long Azz hankercheif. I thought that Sh*t would never end. What's up with these fake dong swallowing challenges?

bigdawg 11 months ago

Sorry, you have me F****d up for someone else. Who TF says F*****t anymore? How TF old are you?

bootlegyourmom 11 months ago

bigdawg you tell us faggot.

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

Reminds me of the days I pledged for a fraternity....

franko477 11 months ago

You mean sorority

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

franko477 I choose a different one each year...

bootlegyourmom 12 months ago

fuxwitit247 you must have a HUGE scar on your tummy!!

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

It's not that big...the chinese doctors did a good job...its about two inches, same size as your dick.

money123 12 months ago

Ho azz

snappy77 12 months ago

she went to far

brodriguez 11 months ago

Holy shit. That was almost as long as mine. What were they thinking lmao

bigsen 12 months ago

freak out

morehousemedia 11 months ago

Ill bet you this is a Gay MAN! They are constantly ramming things in there butts when they get high. I talked to surgeons asst who said they remove a child's sippy cup with an 8 ball from a pool table from this mans behind!!!!! nasty folk!

marydpenn 12 months ago

nasty ghetto talk tells me he needed to die. typical JUMP47.COM

possumsweatyshirt 12 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen............... We got him