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Beating The Devil Out: Thousands Of Women And Teens Line Up To Get Whipped By A Priest

Oct 06, 2017

Info :

This is the appalling moment thousands of women including school-going teenagers were whipped by male priests as part of a bizarre ritual to emancipate them from 'evil spirits'. The lashing festival celebrated annually at the ancient Achappan Temple in Trichy in southern India, sees the priests cracking whips on the women who said to have been 'possessed by evil spirits' or who has lately been showing behavourial changes. In the disturbing video, 2000 women and girls can be seen sitting in a half-kilometre long queue for nearly five hours on a sprawling open space outside the temple. The priests then lashes the women one-by-one in full ferocity leaving them wincing and wreathing in pain as their male family members watch the harrowing scene in complete devotion.