Daughter Getting Whipped With A Belt By Father Report

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4568 Videos . Published on Aug 20, 2019
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Bad Parenting

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Belt Whipping

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blänçö 4 months ago


billbushey 27 days ago

A lot of it was just shit talk like, "Do you take me for some punk kid?" or "Don't grab it. If you grab it (his belt), I'll kill you." Not sure what she did to earn the ass-whoopin' though.

billbushey 27 days ago

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fuxwitit247 4 months ago

I use to pretend to be asleep too when someone was getting whooped in the room....or maybe the person in the background is dead....both possible scenarios

suckyducky 4 months ago

Thats his teenage daughter

brodriguez 4 months ago

He sealed his fate tho. Do not pass go. Go directly to jail or back to the mother land.

legacy 4 months ago

He can definitely go to jail for that...that's excessive force..

benevoletracist 4 months ago

She must have felt like the bitch in D'Jango

bigdawg 4 months ago

This incest porn is getting ridiculous....

Seriously though, he's lame. My father could certainly teach him some lessons on belt usage.

girlfriend 4 months ago

Soooooo....what did she do?

jberry 2 months ago

She did something she aint have no business doing for him to do all that. Teenagers hot in the azz.

rustyben911 1 month ago

i used to get beat same way now i dont have relations with that old cunt bastard bitch pedo so called parents that need to die